Courtney Hamilton

Administrative Assistant

Courtney grew up in Norman Park and, after getting back to her home-grown roots, currently resides in the same area. Courtney enjoys being near her immediate family: her parents, two brothers, and sister all live in Norman Park as well. As part of the Hamilton family, Courtney has worked at Southern Valley every summer since she was thirteen, and in May 2011, she moved back home after graduating from college and began working with the family operation full-time. Courtney has multiple responsibilities within the company which range from assisting with payroll, banking needs, insurance duties, HR, and organizing meetings, to taking on the responsibilities of management along with her grandmother, Wanda and her father, Kent. Courtney says, “I’ve grown up in an agricultural community, so it’s something I’ve pretty much always known while also being something that enforces who I am and how I’ve grown up. Plus, I absolutely love working with family. People often ask, ‘Isn’t that hard working with your family?’ But in all honesty, it’s not. We work hard and make sure the job’s done, but when it comes time to enjoying work and having a good time, well, we gladly do that too! We’re also able to be totally honest and blunt with each other, without taking things too seriously. There’s not really an overwhelming supply of jobs since we’re in the middle of a small town, so I’m blessed that my family has a business that is able to provide employment to so many people, while also allowing me to work with some people that are very near and dear to my heart.”

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